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Wanita Holmes with Kevin Costner

Dr. Wanita with Kevin Costner at a recent Hollywood premiere.

Wanita Holmes began her private practice of Clinical Hypnotherapy in 1987. Since then, not only has she helped thousands of clients improve their lives, she has taught and mentored hundreds of hypnotherapists. She is an inspiring life coach, public speaker, published author, and mentor. She has inspired friends and family members to become hypnotherapists including her daughters, Mary Elizabeth Holmes and Linda Gabriel.

She is internationally known, and has been featured in Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, London Herald, Eve (London), Marie Claire, L.A. Times, Larchmont Chronicle, and the Santa Monica Evening Outlook. She has appeared on the BBC, Good Morning London, The Kilroy Show (London), KABC Morning talk show. She has been an inspirational keynote speaker.

“At the age of 57, out of work and down to $800.00 dollars, I took a big risk. I put down a $500.00 deposit to begin the study of hypnotherapy, and I’ve been happily learning and successfully practicing ever since. While building my practice, I worked for four years to obtain my doctoral degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the American Institute of Hypnotherapy.”

“Now in my 80’s, I continue to enjoy a full-time hypnotherapy practice at Sunset Gower Studios, and to teach hypnotherapy to a few select students, wanting to pass on to them all that I’ve learned over decades of experience and thousands of clients.”

Dr. Wanita is an inspiration to everyone she meets. She is a credit to her profession. Her love of life, her laughter and generosity of spirit, integrity, energy, and her indomitable spirit about never giving up, brings out the best in everyone she comes in contact with. She is a true Renaissance Woman!Aura Imbarus, author and speaker