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Stop Smoking

I’ve helped 1,000’s quit smoking.

With hypnosis, it’s easier than you think!
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Dr. Wanita Holmes Stop Smoking Hypnosis

“I chained smoked most of my life. I had tried every patch, gum, prescription drug and I could not quit to save my life. I’m 35 now and had multiple spine surgeries. Every time my surgeon said I could not smoke anymore as my bones would likely not fuse. I lied to him and kept on going. I always knew smoking was bad for me but besides being an addict, I loved smoking and I felt it was part of me and I did not want to quit.
One day a neighbor saw me smoking and said she had quit with the help of Wanita. After keeping Wanita’s phone number on the back burner for about 6 months, I decided to give it a try.
I will complete one year as a non smoker in 9 days. I never crave them, I don’t think about them, yet they don’t bother me (my friends who smoke still smoke next to me). It’s like she implanted something in my brain and I never looked back.
The session was about 8-10 hours long but it was a delight. Not only Wanita is fantastic at what she does, she is also one of the nicest, coolest, most positive and most fun people I have ever met.
Highly highly recommend :)”

Silvia D. (Yelp review)

Photo Credit: theglobalpanorama